Use Case:

Extensible Network Edge Functions

Easily deploy Virtual Network Functions from 3rd party vendors.

As a network infrastructure manager, you are not only responsible for creating and managing virtual private networks, but also the various network functions that run on top of that base network. Today, as in many enterprises, you have to ship out multiple network appliances to your various locations. You then have to hire people into your organization or procure consulting services to manage all those devices. When those devices are modified or upgraded by their respective vendors, you have to send people to the remote sites to troubleshoot or perform upgrades, retest the network, and then ensure a smooth rollout of the new capabilities to your user base. In larger organizations, the functions you can deploy often depends on a local carrier’s infrastructure.

CloudWan simplifies your deployment of virtual network functions. With CloudWan, you deploy a virtual firewall to the edge to offload Internet traffic from the enterprise WAN. You can also dynamically and centrally manage policies in the cloud. CloudWan can automatically distribute these policies to the edge.

You can also deploy a virtual WAN optimization appliance to the edge to accelerate the traffic throughput. A typical global enterprise uses physical WAN optimization devices behind the CPE devices, which requires physical wiring on the customer’s premise. You can avoid this cost with CloudWan.

Like many companies, you have already invested heavily in your network infrastructure, with multiple licensing agreements with various vendors. Ripping out replacing all this with a single vendor is not an option. CloudWan’s open architecture means that any network function that adheres to CloudWan’s open standards, will be compatible. This means you can rationalize your landscape over time, and rest assured that changes you make today are going to be much easier to maintain and upgrade as vendors introduce new network function capabilities in the future.