Use Case:

Site In A Box

CloudWan can help you configure, deploy, and manage multiple applications and devices in your retail stores.

You’re responsible for opening a new location. Your remote employees will need point-of-sale systems, content sharing and productivity applications, inventory management and ERP, video surveillance, and WIFI, all securely synchronized with your corporate data center… fast!

CloudWan makes the ‘Site-in-a-Box’ vision a reality. First, you no longer need to ship out multiple network devices, servers, and applications. You send one CloudWan edge device like this:

  • The CloudWan device calls home and configures itself. It’s easy enough for a store manager or assistant to do. Your basic virtual private network is up and running.
  • Next, you create a template of network functions like firewalls, and push them to this edge device from your headquarters. Subsequently, you push down application profiles from the CloudWan management console to deliver productivity, manage access rights, bandwidth usage, and external Internet access. Want to separate the store kiosks or handheld scanners from your sensitive corporate data? No problem, just edit your policy.
  • CloudWan reduces your setup and maintenance costs, simplifies the complexity of adding new locations, and gives you unprecedented control.