Use Case:

Unified Virtual Network

Deploy and manage VPN at remote locations in minutes.

You’re responsible for managing your network infrastructure. Your employees need online and fully secure access to multiple enterprise and productivity applications. No problem, right? While traditional MPLS based networks are useful for sensitive enterprise applications, they also result in higher bandwidth costs. Such networks are also slow to setup due to local carrier constraints and responsiveness. There are also often regional differences in terms of available options, costs, quality, and service levels. Internet-based networks are generally much easier to setup. However, they often lack the security and performance characteristics needed to robustly support enterprise-caliber applications.

The problem is that like many enterprises, you deploy both private MPLS and public broadband internet within your various locations. As your company has grown, made acquisitions, and opened new locations, the network has also grown into a sprawling, diverse, and complex beast that’s tough to manage. So, setting up a unified virtual network that can not only expedite operations but also reduce your operating costs is not so-straightforward … until now.
The right SD-WAN solution will dramatically improve the utilization, performance and ease of management of the these hybrid deployments.

CloudWan brings your various network modes into a single unified virtual network. First, you no longer need to manage multiple network devices. A single CloudWan edge device, once plugged-in, calls home and configures itself. It’s easy enough for an assistant to do. Your basic virtual private network is up and running. It’s a virtual overlay over your existing private, public, and bare-metal infrastructures to create a single bandwidth pool.

CloudWan abstracts away the underlying infrastructure so you can easily manage this virtual network from a central console. You can easily set up site-to-site VPN without sending skilled engineers to remote locations. You can even use multiple uplinks in an ACT-ACT manner, and steer application traffic based on policies such as network performance.

CloudWan reduces your setup and maintenance costs, simplifies the complexity of adding new locations, and gives you unprecedented control.