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First the digital revolution, and now the explosion of IoT is disrupting every business on the planet. Traditional corporate structures are morphing into agile, responsive enterprises that converge networks, services and capabilities drive customer experience, integrate operations, rapidly innovate and pivot organizations.

Incremental changes to the traditional way of running the business are not enough. IT and technology services plays a critical role in growth, expansion and competitive advantage. Those services must be able to support dynamic and rapidly evolving business requirements that reprioritize on a moments notice.

Local distributed (edge) computing is here and next generation infrastructures must be responsive to the new demands of the enterprise.

Journey to the Edge with CLOUDWAN

Journey to the Edge with CLOUDWAN


With CLOUDWAN, you have unparalleled control and visibility over your distributed network. CLOUDWAN is a single solution that combines the speed and agility of SD-WAN, the consistency and control of NFV and network orchestration, and enables applications at the edge of your network. Unleash the power of your business with enhanced speed and service quality, control and security, while reducing cost and complexity.

Complex & Inefficient

A rapidly growing company was looking for a more efficient way to open new locations across the globe. With traditional networking, it took months of complex logistics, expert staff, and shipping and connecting physical devices to the new location. The ongoing management of the infrastructure was also complicated.

Simplify & Centralize

By choosing CLOUDWAN, the company has reduced the time to deploy a new site from months to days. Instead of an expensive and lengthy process to open a new location, they simply order a CPE edge device to be shipped to the new location. Now, they can add new services and push policies from our simple user interface.

Unreliable service quality

Working in some locations, the local connectivity was slow and unreliable, so the company had to purchase private lines. In addition to being costly, it was also difficult to manage traffic and to deliver the necessary modern applications such as high definition video conferencing, and VoIP, to the remote areas.

Scale & Control

With CLOUDWAN, the company was able to use features like Hybrid WAN and our flexible Internet breakout to better control and prioritize traffic. Now, they can leverage less expensive consumer-grade connectivity for low priority traffic, and reserve the expensive private lines for priority traffic.

Expensive & Time Consuming

Deploying a new site was incredibly expensive and time consuming. Mounting costs from the myriad of physical devices, bandwidth and connectivity, and deployment staff, coupled with the length of time it took to stand up a new site, drove the company to look for alternatives.

Save and Streamline

With CLOUDWAN, the company was able to replace many physical devices with a single “CPE” with virtual appliance functionality. They eliminated the need for expensive private lines and improved quality of service. They also turned lengthy, expensive projects into short, simple deployments that could be managed virtually in most cases.

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