Enterprise SD-WAN Capabilities, SaaS simplicity.

Infrastructure for high-value SD-WAN services.

We build SD-WAN infrastructure for Service Providers

CloudWAN was designed from day one to be the most flexible, highest margin SD-WAN infrastructure for Service Providers. Our CloudWAN SD-WAN IP infrastructure products are integrated into the managed SD-WAN service offerings of top service providers.

In 2020, CloudWAN’s product line will expand to include an SD-WAN-as-a-Service product line for service providers that want real SD-WAN in a simpler end-user focused package.

Next-Generation Edge Infrastructure

To compete and grow in challenging business environments, you need to respond quickly to changing market conditions. CloudWAN unleashes the true power of your business. It is a flexible and scalable next-generation distributed edge computing and networking solution for the future. ​​Whether you’re opening a manufacturing plant in Taipei or a retail shop in Milan, CloudWAN fuels your business growth with the speed and agility required to grow and adapt to market demands.

Intelligent Infrastructure

CloudWAN enables secure connectivity and easy management for Intelligent Infrastructure implementations. The same hardware device that controls the CloudWAN overlay network also supports the deployment, management and integration of your edge applications. Once an organization has enabled their edge applications, operations and management take on a whole new dimension. Changes to the infrastructure, services, capabilities and experience occur at the speed of software, and no longer limited human or “truck roll” speed.

Easy VPN

Easy VPN allows you to create a highly scalable and secure VPN mesh network by automatically creating tunnels between edge devices. Build site-to-site VPNs without sending skilled engineers onsite.

Flexible Internet Breakout

Flexible Internet Breakout enables direct internet access for select traffic from a CPE, resulting in improved user experience while reducing bandwidth demands at the central site.

Hybrid WAN

Bond multiple WAN links into a cost-effective, high availability network. Vendor-agnostic support for Broadband, LTE, and MPLS circuits.

Zero Touch Provisioning

ZTP is a rapid and straightforward way of deploying CloudWAN. Simply send a CPE to your location. Any staff onsite can plug it in and turn it on. From there, the CPE queries and downloads the appropriate configurations.


Central manage enterprise-grade security across distributed networks. All tunnels automatically secured through CloudWAN's native stateful firewall. Enhance security with Fortinet, Sophos, and Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls.

Quality of Service

Classify priority traffic with application-aware traffic steering. Support high-bandwidth applications such as VoIP and video conferencing with confidence.

Rest API

Use our RESTful API to integrate CloudWAN services with your own system easily.

Edge Container Distribution

CloudWAN supports deploy any application and updates to edge devices without touching the device by using Docker technology.

Cloud Connector

Cloud Connector supports your multi-cloud strategy. Easily access resources on most public clouds via secure tunnels.