We envision a connected world where businesses can operate seamlessly, anywhere on the globe. Combining the power of cloud, SDx (software-defined everything), and award-winning service, CLOUDWAN is the solid foundation for a modern network. CLOUDWAN supercharges your business with powerful centralization, visibility and control.

We believe that every business should have the flexibility to focus on attaining the highest level of competitive advantage. We think every business should have the flexibility to work in the favorable regulatory environments, to have offices that attract the best talent, and to be near natural resources or customers – without worrying about how you will connect these locations to your network. Leveraging the collective strengths of the NTT Group companies, CLOUDWAN makes this vision a reality.

NTT Innovation Institute, Inc

NTT Innovation Institute, Inc. (NTT i3) is the Silicon Valley-based innovation center for NTT Group, one of the world’s largest ICT companies. Our full lifecycle approach to enterprise technology is driven by a commitment to discovering ambitious new ideas, developing them into robust technology platforms, and delivering them into the marketplace to be applied against significant and difficult industry, business, and human problems.

We accelerate the movement of innovation from an initial idea in the lab to impact in the marketplace through our unique access to NTT’s global infrastructure and investment resources, a significant network of research labs, long and trusted relationships with customers, and an engaged global community of collaborators in both established enterprise companies and the startup community. To grow and support that global community, we provide ongoing opportunities for learning and idea exchange at our Customer Experience Center (CXC), as well as an Innovation Lab program where our researchers, engineers, and data scientists are given the time, resources, and freedom to explore and develop their own ideas.